Ranikhet-Uttarakhand Full Travel Guide

Ranikhet-Uttarakhand Full Travel Guide

Places to visit in Ranikhet, Tourist places in Ranikhet

Ranikhet in Uttarakhand is the most beautiful hill station for people to travel in summer. Ranikhet is a small town in state Uttarakhand of India which is famous for Himalaya’s views and nature. There are many places which you can visit in Ranikhet Uttarakhand and near it which we will let you know. Nainital is the nearest place and most visited hill station of Uttarakhand. Ranikhet is a beautiful town to visit and to enjoy the beauty of Ranikhet we will discuss the best routes, places to do.

In Uttarakhand, Ranikhet is the town in Almora District which is famous for many years. In this article we will discuss places to visit in Ranikhet, things to do, Ranikhet Weather, Ranikhet Hotels, routes of Ranikhet from Delhi and places to explore near Ranikhet.

Ranikhet Uttarakhand Weather

Ranikhet weather is always pleasant and you can visit here in any month of the year. In summer the weather gives you relief from Delhi’s hot weather, hence the best place to visit in Ranikhet. In winter the weather is too cold which will give you cool winds. It is best for summer and you can enjoy it here with your friends and family.


Days required visiting Ranikhet Uttarakhand

For visiting Ranikhet 3 days is enough and these days you can visit nearby places which are also to be explored. Almora and Nainital are the places that you can explore with this but for them, you need at least 5 days to visit.

The distance of Ranikhet from

New Delhi – 338 km

Dehradun – 315 km

Haldwani – 82 km

Nainital – 58 km

Almora – 46 km

How to Reach Ranikhet Uttarakhand?

By Road – you can take bus service from any nearby state to Nainital, from Delhi Bus available to Nainital and from Nainital you can take service to Ranikhet by bus or taxis.

By Train – By train, you can reach Kathgodam the nearest railway station to Ranikhet and then take a bus to Ranikhet via Nainital.

By Flight – if you are coming from different parts of India then you can reach Pantnagar airport which is 109 km from Ranikhet.

Route Map of Ranikhet from Delhi

Delhi – Hapur – Moradabad – Chhoti Haldwani – Nainital – Ranikhet

This is the road map if you are traveling to Ranikhet from Delhi via personal vehicle which is 338 km.

Places to visit in Ranikhet Uttarakhand, Things to do in Ranikhet

Places to visit in Ranikhet and nearby

1. Nainital

Uttarakhand’s most popular hill station and also one of the favorite places to visit near Delhi which is 58 km from Ranikhet. Nainital is a place which you can explore in 2 – 3 days and if you are coming to Ranikhet then you can also explore Nainital, you can give 1 day to Nainital also. For a full visit to Nainital, you can go here.

2. Almora

One of the 13 districts in Uttarakhand and a town which is 46 km from Ranikhet. Almora is a beautiful town between mountains and must-visit places. If you are in Ranikhet and want more places to visit then Almora is the place you can give a day tour and you will enjoy the Almora with lots of places in Almora.

3. Shitlakhet

Shitlakhet is a beautiful location and place to visit in Ranikhet which is 30 km far. Mostly people visit Ranikhet’s visit here and explore this place. This place gives you the best view of the Himalaya’s and the viewpoint in the evening to the snow of Himalaya gives you pleasant satisfaction.

4. Haidakhan Babaji Temple

A very famous temple in Ranikhet which is 5 km from the main city. The place is peaceful and the best for meditation, where people come and do meditation which helps to reduce stress in the body.

5. Sarna Garden

A garden which is just near the main city famous for the fresh environment and if you are with your family then you should check out this place. If any child is with you then you should go here because of little rides that are for fun activities available in the garden.


6. Sunset Points

Sunset point gives you the real view of the sun that goes down between the mountains. You must carry your camera with you to capture the beautiful view.

7. Jhula Devi Mandir

A great place to visit in Ranikhet which is the most famous Mandir. A must visit place if you are in Ranikhet that gives you peace. The Mandir is situated in a beautiful location which can also give you a beat view of nature. In this place, you can spend more time.

8. Bhalu Dam

To reach Bhalu Dam you have to do a 3 km trek from Chaubatia garden. You will get the amazing trekking experience through the forest. Located between the dense forest and varieties of trees on the way to the dam. Bhalu Dam is the place of an artificial lake that offers a panoramic view of a snow-capped wide range of Himalayan Range.

9. Chaubatia

It is a settlement in Almora District which is 10 km from Ranikhet. You can visit here and you should if you are in Ranikhet. Different gardens and temples are available here you can also check them.

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