Lansdowne – Places to visit, Things to do, Route from Delhi

Lansdowne – Places to visit, Things to do, Route from Delhi

Lansdowne is a Hill station situated in the Pauri Garhwal District of northern state Uttarakhand of India. It was founded as a military garrison under British Rules. The Garhwal Rifles trains in the town. It is a beautiful Hill station which is near Delhi. It is situated at 1700 m from the sea level and many tourist visits to this place. The popularity of Lansdowne is increasing day by day. Places to visit in Lansdowne, tourist places to visit in Lansdowne. This is the best place to visit in Uttarakhand, the best Hill station near Delhi.

In this blog, you will know the places to visit, things to do, the best route from Delhi to reach Lansdowne.

Why should you visit Lansdowne?

If you want a break from your busy life and want to spend some time whether you are solo or with someone Lansdowne provides you the best view of nature that you can enjoy with your loved ones. In the nature of Uttarakhand, this place is for those who are mountain lovers and want to spend some quality time.

Lansdowne always gives you a better view of nature and the culture which is famous and from many years the home of Garhwal Rifles where many soldiers of our country trained.

Weather in Lansdowne

The weather in Lansdowne is pleasant as always and in the entire year. You will pleasant and enjoy the weather in the summer. In summer you will feel very cool and the temperature is around 30 degrees Celsius. In winter snowfall occur in December – January.

Best time to visit Lansdowne?

The months of March, April, May, June, and September are considered the best time to visit in Lansdowne.  Spring arrives in April and the valley turns beautiful, blossoming all around. It is not much crowded at this time and the weather is always pleasant here. If you want to enjoy snow then you may also visit during the winter season of December and January.

How many days are ideal for Lansdowne’s visit?

If you are planning a trip to Lansdowne then 3 days
are ideal to visit.

The route between Delhi to Lansdowne

Delhi – Meerut – Bijnor – Najibabad – Kotdwar –

How to Travel

Lansdowne is 251 km from New Delhi and you can travel in different ways.

  • Take the train from Delhi to Kotdwar and then Bus from Kotdwar to Lansdowne.
  • Take the bus from Kashmere Gate terminal Delhi to Kotdwar, then Kotdwar to Lansdowne.

The distance from Kotdwar to Lansdowne is 40 km.

If you are want to travel a road trip then from Delhi this is one of the choices to travel with your friends.

Places to visit in Lansdowne

1. Bhullatal Lake


Bhullatal Lake

It is an artificial Lake dedicated to the Garhwali youth of The Garhwal Rifles who helped in the construction of the lake. It is located at a distance of 1 km from the main city. It could be the best picnic spot in Lansdowne. You can enjoy boating in the lake with your friends and family. The entry is free for the lake but Rs 50 for a boat ride. Opening and closing time is 10 am to 5 pm. Best place for kids, couple and old ones. For the enjoyment of nature and atmosphere, you can visit here.

2. Tip N Top


Tip n Top

It is one of the must place to visit in Lansdowne. From the point of Tip N Top, you can view the great view of Himalaya and the beautiful nature of Uttarakhand. This is a viewpoint to enjoy which is the highest peak in Lansdowne.

3. St. John’s Church


St. John Church

This church was built in 1930 and located in a very peaceful and calm environment. You can walk up to this church and on further walking reach tip n top to enjoy the sunset. For a peaceful and calm environment, you should visit this church.

4. Darwan Singh Regimental Museum


Darwan Singh Regimental Museum

A unique and classy place that is a must-visit place in Lansdowne. Here you will learn about the glorious history of Garhwali regiment. The place is neat and very informative. Photography is not allowed inside it but you will get much information and facts about the region. The entry fee is Rs 50 per head which is value for money when you enter the place.

5. Jungle Safari

It is a forest trail to investigate the forest area by means of a jeep or an elephant or even by a horse. It is one of the well-known Lansdowne attractions to the tourists where you can feel the adventure to a forest of full thick trees.

6. Bhim Pakora



Two large stones are one above the other in a perfect balance. For nature-loving and people who need or love the place where there is no noise can enjoy. The two stones with each other never fall even when push. You can check out this place once.

7. Hawa Ghar viewpoint

It is a tourist destination in Lansdowne. It is a picturesque location that offers a beautiful view of the snow-covered Himalaya and nature itself. Trekking is also available in the place who loves trekking and adventure.

You can also enjoy camping in Lansdowne which will
give you more fun and adventures trip.

If you are traveling for a road trip and want the best destination to visit in hills and mountains, then Lansdowne is the place that can give you the best experience to explore.

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