Places to visit in Chakrata, weather, hotels, and temperature full travel guide

Places to visit in Chakrata, weather, hotels, and temperature full travel guide

Places to visit in Chakrata, tourist places to visit in Chakrata

Chakrata is a Cantonment town in the Dehradun district of State Uttarakhand. Chakrata is the most underrated and less famous place of Uttarakhand that can be a good road trip place. Situated at the height of 2118 m from sea level, this place is 98 km from Dehradun and 73 km from Mussoorie. Chakrata is the best place to visit on a car trip to a place that is less populated and adventures. You can also enjoy the mountains and the Himalayas from here.

Many places to visit in Chakrata that you can explore on a short trip. Chakrata Weather, hotels in Chakrata, and temperature of Chakrata full guide. Chakrata is a small hill station that gives you all the view to the Himalayas and the environment that will pleasant you with the weather and surrounding.

Weather in Chakrata

Chakrata is a place where the temperature is always cool and snowfall happens in January. It can be a place in summer to explore it and prevent you from the hot weather of Delhi. The weather of Chakrata always gives you a moment to enjoy the location. You can visit Chakrata in any season to explore it.

Is there snowfall in Chakrata?

Chakrata is a place of Uttarakhand where snowfall happens in January. So, if you are looking for snowfall then you should go to Chakrata in winter.

How to reach Chakrata?

Chakrata is 329 km from Delhi and you can easily get here in different ways.

By Road: Take a bus to Dehradun from any location and then from Dehradun you can easily get a taxi or bus to Chakrata.

By Train: the nearest railway station is the Dehradun railway station, from where you can easily go to Chakrata by taxi or Bus.

By Flight: If you want to travel by flight then Dehradun airport is nearest and from there you can reach the Dehradun bus stand and then to Chakrata.

Best time to visit Chakrata

The month of April to July can be the best time to visit Chakrata because of the pleasant weather that can give you relief from summer. If you also want to enjoy the snowfall and snow then you can also visit in January that is dependent upon you.

Route Map of Chakrata from Delhi

If you are traveling by your vehicle to Chakrata the route map can be

Delhi – Meerut – Muzaffarnagar – Saharanpur – Dakpatthar – Sahiya – Chakrata

The route you can also choose via Dehradun Mussoorie if you want to travel these places also.

Hotels in Chakrata

If you are planning a trip to Chakrata then pre-book your hotels online. You can also check the hotels here and also deal with the manual. You will easily find out the hotels and guest houses to visit.

Places to visit in Chakrata, places to visit near Chakrata, things to do in Chakrata

  1. Tiger Falls

Situated in Kanaser Range of Uttarakhand, Tiger Falls is the most famous attraction to visit Chakrata. The distance covered to travel Tiger Fall is 21 km from Chakrata. One of the best waterfalls in India and a must visit the place to explore it. The waterfall is situated in a hidden place which is so beautiful to see. If you are in Chakrata then it should be a must-visit the place to visit in Chakrata. There is no entry fee to visit this beautiful place.

  1. Chilmiri Neck

This place is the highest point in Chakrata where you see the beautiful view of the mountains. You can witness the best view of the mountains from here and you will enjoy the view.

  1. Ram Tal Horticulture Garden

This place is 9 km from Chakrata and a must-visit place in Chakrata. A peaceful place where you can enjoy the view and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

  1. Kimona Water Fall

A place which is away from the hustle of city life and the place where you can enjoy with your friends. The place is not so much crowded so you can easily visit here and easily enjoy it. You also have to do a 1 – 2 km trek to reach here that surely can be enjoyable. Take an extra pair of clothes and also changing rooms are available.

  1. Gurudwara Singh Sabha Mes Line

A beautiful Gurudwara is situated in Chakrata, which is situated near the market. If you are traveling to Chakrata then you must visit the Gurudwara.

  1. Chirmiri Peak/Top

A beautiful peak from where you can easily view the mountains and sunset view. Chirmiri peak is one of the most beautiful peaks of Uttarakhand from where you can see what nature is and how they are.

  1. Deoban

About 12 km from Chakrata one of the highest viewpoints located at 2200 m Deoban. It is famous for bird watching which is covered with dense forest and also offered the snow-covered view. Major tourist attraction point to find out the rare bird species.

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