Chitkul Village Himachal Pradesh – Full Guide

Chitkul Village Himachal Pradesh – Full Guide

Chitkul village Himachal Pradesh, Chitkul attraction places, places to visit in Chitkul.

Chitkul is a village in Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. Chitkul is a small village that lies in Spiti valley and a beautiful place to visit. The village is fully covered with snow in winter. The recent study of Atmospheric science says that Chitkul village has the cleanest air in India. It is the last village of Himachal Pradesh which is close to the China border. Many people ask that is Chitkul is worth visiting then the answer is yes, Chitkul is worth to visit. The Sangla Valley and Chitkul valley is worth to visit in the spring season.

If you are traveling Spiti valley and completing the circuit of Spiti then, Chitkul is the must to go a place. The beauty of Chitkul attracts most of the riders and tourists to see the beauty of Chitkul. This place can be your dream to visit and also you will love to visit here again and again. Here you will get all the important information about visiting Chitkul village in Himachal Pradesh, how to reach Chitkul, Chitkul by bus, the weather of Chitkul, etc. 

Weather in Chitkul Village

Chitkul village is always a pleasant and coldest place of Himachal Pradesh. In the summer the weather is also cool and you have to carry warm clothes throughout the year. Heavy snowfall happens in winter the temperature can go to -10 degrees Celsius to -20 degrees in January and February. Some of the tourists want to travel in December and January and have a question that Chitkul is open on these months then yes you can visit in December. Chitkul is open in December as well, you can visit in December. 

How to reach Chitkul from Delhi?

Chitkul is 605 km far from New Delhi and you can use many travel options according to your will and comfort.

By Road: If you want to travel to Chitkul then you have to take a bus from Delhi to Shimla then from Shimla there is no direct bus to Chitkul hence you have to go to Sangla Valley from Shimla. After reaching Sangla valley a bus from Rakchham starts at 5:10 pm and stops in Chitkul.

By Train: The nearest railway station from Chitkul is Shimla railway station but you can only reach here by Kalka – Shimla toy train. You have to book the tickets in advance to travel on a toy train. As we consider the normal railway station then Chandigarh railway station is the only nearest railway station to Chitkul. From Chandigarh, you have to reach Shimla first and then you have to follow the same road map as above to reach Chitkul by road. 

By Flight: Shimla airport is the nearest airport to Chitkul. You can travel here from any state of India. Then from Chitkul, you have to take a bus that will leave you Sangla valley and then another bus to Chitkul. You can also book a taxi from Shimla to Chitkul. 

Road Trip and Route Map to Chitkul Village

Chitkul can be a place where you can visit with friends, the place where you want less crowded and want to enjoy a place with peace. Chitkul village is around 600 km from Delhi via Shimla. You can also visit Shimla, Sangla Valley, Narkanda and many places which lie between Delhi to Chitkul. If you want to cover the distance in one day then you have to leave early in the morning to Chitkul. 

Route Map to Chitkul village

Delhi – Karnal – Ambala – Chandigarh – Shimla – Narkanda – Sangla Valley – Chitkul 

Places to visit in and around Chitkul village

When you are traveling to Chitkul then many places come on the way to Chitkul that you can visit. Here are the places to visit Chitkul – 


  1. Shimla

Capital of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla is the mid-point where you can visit on the way to Chitkul. If you are traveling to Chitkul then you can visit Shimla also and can stay here. There are many places to visit in Shimla that you can visit. Shimla is the most crowded hill station of Himachal Pradesh where you can stay and chill around the mall road, Jakhoo temple, the ridge, Kufri and many places. 

  1. Narkanda 

Another place on the way to Chitkul village, Narkanda is famous for its snow peak view; you can also do trekking here. Hatu Peak, Mahamaya Temple, Hatu Temple, Tanni Jubbar Lake and other some local places to visit in Narkanda.

  1. Kamru Fort

In Sangla Valley, Kamru Fort is the tourist attraction for people to travel to Chitkul village. A beautifully made fort which is in Kamru, Sangla which is the must-visit place. It is about 2 km from Sangla Valley, at the main gate statue of lord Buddha welcomes all the visitors and the scenic view of the surrounding is amazing. 

  1. Berinaag Temple

In the main Sangla, another tourist attraction point is Berinaag Mandir which is historical for Sangla people. Buddhist culture represents this temple which is made beautifully. The interior of the temple was made so beautifully and a well-maintained temple. One should visit the temple which is on the way to Chitkul.

  1. Baspa River

A beautiful river which flows from Sangla and has many adventure activities near it is also a tourist attraction point. The beautiful river flows on the Sangla valley which increases the view of Sangla valley and camping, riverside activities are also available that increase the view of the river. 

  1. Last Dhaba of India

In Chitkul village, you should visit the Akhiri Dhaba of India. There will no other option for breakfast, lunch and dinner beyond this. Last Dhaba of India to the Tibetian border.

  1. Chitkul Village

One of the beautiful villages in India with a beautiful view, nature, mountains and all the scenery. You will love to travel and hang out in the whole village. People came here for peace and happiness and you will always get this happiness when you travel with your family and friends.   

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